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    DCP office numbers

    DCPs for Complaints (Grievances) in Bangalore

    Citizens can now walk into the offices of Deputy Commissioners of police of their locality to redress their grievance.

    DCPs are available at their offices every day between 4.30 to 6 pm to meet the visitors and attend to their problems. The citizens can meet the DCPs with their problems every day.
    1. DCP (Central Division): G ramesh: 9480801101/22942344
    2. DCP (North Division): H S Revanna 9480801301/22942299
    3. DCP (West Division): Sidramappa 9480801701/22942356
    4. DCP (South Division): Sonia Narang 9480801501/22942309
    5. DCP (South East): Dr P Harsha 9480801601/22943464
    6. DCP (North East): 9480801064/22943676
    7. DCP (East Division): Chandra Shekar 9480801201/22942312
    8. DCP (East Traffic): B A Muttana 9480801801/22942346
    9. DCP (West Traffic): Panduranga H 9480801901/22942318
    10. DCP (PRO): V Ramaiah 9480801021/22942374

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