Press club in India

press club in india


Press club in India is mainly to ensure that the media has total freedom of speech. Press club foundation are for the journalists who come together for the production and diffusion of news.

The press club in India includes activities such as professional, educational and social. We arrange meetings every month in different locations to help colleagues in communication field so as to update with the latest news or information so that the members reach their carrier potential via professional development.  Press club foundation work on improving the standards of press.

Press club in India is the most important bodies that uphold democracy- they take legal action against the held hearings on the complaints. The main objective of the press club foundation is to protect the constitutional rights of the media people (journalists) with appropriate justification. They also work on training and educating the journalist members by cooperating with other institutions to explore more practical knowledge.

Press club in India provide various amenities for the use of members such as a library, a reading room, gym, swimming pool, snacks, conference hall, etc., they also provide membership for the people who are interested. For registering, you need to download the press club membership form online and fill the required details in proper format and later post it on the provided address.

Press club of India works on charitable basis and not just the media professions, we also provide social security to all the media people that is beneficial for their family members as the people in this field are hard working but they do not have health or life insurance, their life is uncertain.

There are many events, press conferences and meetings at take place at the press club in India to discuss on the latest news and then circulate the same in the most simplest and clear manner to the public. We also provide professional solutions for any kind of problems. Press club of India makes sure about providing a comfortable atmosphere for the media personnel to have freedom of speech without any hesitation or fear.

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