Uttarkashi tunnel rescue: NDRF conducts evacuation rehearsal using wheeled stretchers

Uttarkashi, Nov 24 (PTI) The NDRF on Friday conducted a rehearsal of how it would take its wheeled stretchers through the chute being prepared to rescue the 41 workers trapped inside the Silkyara tunnel.

An NDRF personnel went through the passage, pushing a wheeled stretcher tied to a rope at the end of the tunnel and was pulled back up after completing the stretch.

A passage has been made using 800 mm diameter steel pipes through the rubble at the tunnel to rescue the workers who have been trapped inside for the past 12 days.

An NDRF personnel who went into the passage was lying on the wheeled stretcher facing downwards.

There was enough room inside the pipes and he had no difficulty in breathing during the exercise, he said.

Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami has been camping at Matli since Thursday to closely monitor the rescue operations.

A temporary camp of the chief minister’s office has been set up there to help him perform his daily duties.

The drilling and pushing pipes through the rubble has not yet been resumed at the tunnel.

The rescuers have to drill 12-14 metres more through the rubble to reach the trapped workers on the other side. PTI ALM.

Source: PTI

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